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If you’ve never had your home broken into, you may find it difficult to imagine it happening to you. Yet, over two million homes are burglarize each year in the US, resulting in estimated property losses totaling $4.6 billion. With police departments nationwide experiencing budget cuts, making sure you can effectively protect your family is a top priority for homeowners. If you’ve been putting off installing a home security system because you are overwhelmed by all the options, codes, technologies, etc. You’re not alone. That’s why TSS makes it simple, stress-free and affordable to get set up and installed.

Keep Out Unwanted Intruders

When burglars scout out a neighborhood, they are looking for easy targets. Industry research shows that a burglar will spend less than ONE minute breaking into a home. Anything that slows them down, like a working security alarm systems with security window decals and lawn placards, makes your home a less likely target. Ninety percent of burglars avoid homes with advertised alarm systems, and will flee the scene if an alarm sounds. TSS equips customers with everything needed to encourages those burglars to move on down the road.

Faster Emergency Response Times

It is important to have an emergency alert system in your home to ensure children, seniors, and those in ill-health get quick access to medical attention. TSS security packages include an option for health assistance, with features including a wireless trigger worn on the body for the elderly or disabled. Others allow you to communicate with 9-1-1 Dispatch through home intercom systems in the event you or a loved one cannot reach the phone. Even if you are healthy, accidents can and do happen. Having quick access to emergency medical care can be a matter of life or death.

Detect Fire Emergencies

Burglary prevention is a crucial part of protecting your home and property, but fire, smoke and noxious fumes also pose a threat to family safety. Every year, fires result in 150 deaths, and over $300 million in property losses. Installing and monitoring the performance of smoke detectors, and the emergency alert notification to your local fire response team is vital to preventing loss of property or life. That’s why fire/smoke detection is an integral part of a total security system and why TSS offers this at no additional cost with your monthly service.

Home Insurance Discounts

Almost all home insurance providers offer discounts for installing a home security system. Since these systems reduce the chance of break-ins, many companies will reduce premiums by as much as 20 percent when you install a sophisticated system that includes fire and burglar alarms, as well as automatic notification of your local emergency responders. With TSS, that 20 percent could cover the entire cost of the system and monitoring.

Control Your Home Remotely

When you are away, you worry about your house being completely unattended. Now you can monitor all activity in your house 24/7 right from your smartphone. You can completely customize the notifications you receive such as when a window or door is opened in the house, when a light comes on, or even when a liquor cabinet door opens. TSS gives you the ability to ensure the safety and control of your household right in the palm of your hand.

Getting a total home security system is now easier than ever. For information on our various features and capabilities, contact us today. We’ll schedule a professional consultation on the best way to protect your home and family.


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