Burglaries Cost More than Just Stuff

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When we consider theft and burglary, we typically think of how we would feel to lose our valuables. As difficult as it would be to lose Great Grandma’s wedding ring, you might not realize that burglaries can cost you more than just “stuff.” People who have had intruders in their homes admit that they’ve lost a lot more than money, jewelry or electronics. They’ve lost their sense of security.

Let’s dive deeper into why burglaries can take away more than physical items and why having a home security system is your best line of defense.

Getting New Keys and Locks

Once your home has been broken into, you need to replace the keys and locks. After all, you won’t be able to sleep at night unless you know that the burglars can’t get back in. Locksmiths aren’t cheap, either, so expect to spend an average of $200 to get your locks switched out.

Luckily, keys aren’t too expensive to replace, but they are a hassle. You’ll have to collect your keys from everyone you’ve given them to (family, friends, neighbors) and replace them with new ones.

Fixing Broken Items Around the Home

It’s possible for things to get broken during a burglary. Thieves move quickly, and they tend to leave a big mess for their victims to clean up. Amidst dealing with the insurance companies, you will also need to repair broken windows, doors, lights, furniture and more. Of course, you can always hire a handyman to help you out, but they cost around $50 an hour.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Aside from fixing what’s broken, you’ll also need to clean up the home. When someone comes into your space, you feel violated. It’s only natural to want to wipe away whoever was in the home. Plus, you’ll probably have to clean the carpet, patch up furniture, sweep up glass and more. All of this takes time to accomplish, and you still need to find time to speak with the insurance companies, the police and others in the community.

Lost Sense of Security

Perhaps the greatest thing to lose in all of this is your sense of security. Many things in life can be replaced, but your peace of mind cannot. It can take a long time to feel safe in your home again, and some people suffer with anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder after a home invasion. If you live alone, the feelings can be even more profound, and you might find yourself not wanting to be left alone, not sleeping soundly at night, etc.

The best way to protect your home and preserve your sense of security is with a home alarm system. Today’s systems are affordable and user friendly to operate – you can even manage things from your smartphone when you’re away! At Texas Security & Surveillance, we watch out for other Texans, so give us a call to discuss making your home safer!


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