Going Out of Town? Protect Your Home in 3 Steps


Whether it’s a delayed spring break or an upcoming summer vacation, chances are that you will be going out of town in the next couple of months.

Traveling is fun, and it’s meant to give you a break from a monotonous routine. But what happens when you return home from your vacation and realize that your home has been broken into? Or what will you do if you get a call from a neighbor saying that your alarms are going off?

Fortunately, there are smart ways that you can protect your home before you head out of town. This way, you can enjoy your travels and come back to a safe, secure home.

1. Arm your home security system and notify your monitoring center.

Before you walk out the door, arm your home security system. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to do this!

Many families feel rushed as they’re packing up the car or lugging suitcases into a taxi, and they rush out without ever setting the system. If you have a checklist of things to do, be sure to add that on there.

Also notify your monitoring center that you will be leaving the home. This is extremely important because if the center gets a signal that something is going on, they know that it’s not a false alarm.

2. Automate your lighting.

One of the best ways to show activity in your home is by turning on and off the lights. Thanks to home automation, no one has to go through extreme lengths to do this like they did in Home Alone.

Using your home security system, you can make your home look lived in without actually being there. Turn on/off the lights and open/close the curtains with home automation.

Aside from the safety features that home automation provides, you can also lower your energy consumption and keep your home comfortable while you’re away.

3. Don’t advertise that you’re going to be out of town.

Hold the mail, or have a trusted neighbor collect it for you. Give your yard a good cleaning before you leave so that the grass doesn’t grow much and give your absence away.

Also be mindful of what you post on social media. Sure it can feel great to share pictures of how much fun you’re having, but it also means that everyone knows that you’re not home. Consider sharing this information with close friends and family only and/or making your posts private. Or, simply wait to post the pictures until you are home.

You deserve to come home to a safe and secure property. But, you play a role in keeping your property protected. By following the three tips above, you significantly lower the chances of break-ins, burglaries or vandalism. Be smart about who you share information with, and keep your monitoring service aware of when you’ll be leaving.

If you don’t have an Austin alarm company watching out for your home, call Texas Security and Surveillance today. We have affordable, reliable home security systems that will keep your property safe no matter where you are.


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