Why Your Home Should Have Structured Wiring

Ever-increasing technology is requiring that home electronics, security, entertainment, automation and the internet of things work well together, all through one network, so to speak. That means your home will require structured wiring.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term structured wiring, it describes a wiring network for your home automation, security signals, video, data, telephone, television, appliances, thermostats and home audio.

Having structured wiring allows you to:

  • Have one central device that can control multiple devices and appliances.
  • Play music and videos throughout your home.
  • Increase the quality of your video and audio.
  • Tremendously improve home security wiring capabilities.

All phone lines and outlets will originate directly from one central location when using structured wiring.  In comparison, standard wiring schemes daisy chain the wires from one outlet to the next, one phone jack to the next.

The basic concept of structured wiring is to have everything begin from one single point.  This central location is where all the wiring will start.  Not only does it improve signal quality by shortening the length the signal must travel to reach parts of your home, but it also makes it easier to troubleshoot if an issue arises.  No more daisy chains, the signal is wired directly from the central point to the outlet or end connection.

It is common to install the central location in your basement.  If your home has no basement, it will likely be installed in a closet or garage.

When building a new home, make sure you discuss structured wiring with your contractor.  The return on investment is very high if you decide to ever sell.  Home buyers are starting to demand structured wiring when looking for a home to purchase.  It won’t be long before all new homes see structured wiring as the norm.


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