How to Stop Shoplifting

It can be hard to comprehend this number, but a whopping $25 million of merchandise is shoplifted every day according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP).  That equates to more than $13 billion each year!

This out-of-control epidemic can be kept to a minimum or even completely stopped if you implement these tips.

  1. Invest in Surveillance and Security – If you have security cameras in plain view, it will deter some shoplifters from stealing. Security mirrors can also make it more difficult for thieves to steal unnoticed. You can also increase security by using security tags on merchandise and hiring security guards to monitor shoppers.
  2. Hire the Right People – Be thorough when hiring employees. Perform background checks to help you find honest candidates.  Once hired, be sure to treat your employees fairly and with respect.  Happy employees that value their jobs are much less likely to steal and are also more willing to help protect your business and report thefts by others.
  3. Secure Expensive Items – Big ticket items should always be locked up. Especially smaller items that are easy to conceal.  These items should only be accessible by trusted employees.
  4. Conceal Electronic Security Tags – Hide security tags as well as you can. That way they may not be noticed by criminals who would otherwise try to remove them from merchandise they want to steal.
  5. Monitor Fitting Rooms and Other Blind Spots – Have an attendant monitor the number of items taken into and out of a fitting room. Also, be vigilant in watching shoppers that are in any blind spots where they can hide and steal.  These blind spots should have camera surveillance or at least a security mirror to help keep an eye out.
  6. Prosecute Shoplifters – If you catch someone shoplifting, prosecute them to the full extent of the law. This will almost guarantee that the offender will not be back to strike again. It also let employees know there is a zero-tolerance policy for theft.
  7. Ask Employees to Interact with Customers. Approaching customers, welcoming them and letting them know there is assistance if they need it is often enough to make a shoplifter think twice.  By Interacting with the customers, it tells them you are aware of their presence.

Unfortunately, not every shoplifter will be caught, but if you follow these 7 tips it will certainly reduce the number of incidents your business becomes victim to.

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