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Business SecurityIf you have 1,000 employees or one we know protecting a business is no easy task. From break ins to employee theft, businesses are a big target for crime. You can monitor the security of your business day and night without being on site. We can automate the activation process so that employees don’t “forget” to set the alarm. We can send notifications on who is going in or out of your business. Whatever the needs are for your business, we are experts at customizing a design to meet your needs and your budget.

Surveillance is our name.

You can’t watch the back door or watch valuable inventory 24/7 but we can. Whether you need to watch the back door of your restaurant or diamond rings in a jewelry case. We have you covered every minute of every day with business surveillance. We are the alarm company that is always watching.

The key to security is keys

How many keys have you made and handed out to employees? How many have you gotten back? Is there a copy of a key floating out there? For many businesses, this is a frightening thought but we have an answer for that too, With keyless entry you can in real time add or delete someone from the entry system. Simply add or delete someone from the system as you wish. We can even help you track when an employee arrives and leaves with this system.

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