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Business SecurityWhen it comes to residential and commercial security systems in Austin, TX, no one does it better than our trusted experts at Texas Security & Surveillance (TSS). We understand that safety is a top priority for homeowners and businesses alike, which is why we stay current with all of the latest security system technologies. Among this tech, cameras play a huge role in securing properties; so our experienced TSS specialists have broken down everything you need to know about security cameras.

Types of Security Cameras

The four camera types listed below are the most common and useful security cameras currently on the market.

  • Bullet – Named for their sleek, cylindrical shape, bullet cameras are designed to be used indoors or outdoors using a wall or ceiling-mount; some models even come with infrared lighting and waterproof features. This type of camera is great for capturing images in a fixed area.
  • Mini Dome – Also known as “speed domes,” due to their ability to quickly spin around to see varied viewpoints, this camera sits within a dome-shaped housing and is excellent for commercial applications. These mini domes can be indoor/outdoor, plus can be vandal resistant!
  • Box – Box cameras are probably what most people imagine when they think about a security camera. These cameras consist of a boxy camera body, power supply and circular lens, generally mounted to a wall or ceiling with a mount bracket (for indoors) or a housing (for outdoors).
  • PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) – Resembling a small hanging lamp, the PTZ camera is excellent for monitoring a wide area. In commercial situations where a security guard is present to actively engage the camera, the PTZ allows panning (moving left and right), tilting (moving up and down) and zooming (in or out). These cameras can also rotate 360 degrees and typically have a automated function, to move on a timed basis – with indoor and outdoor models available.

Analog vs Digital Security Cameras

Aside from simply picking out a security camera, deciding on the type of security surveillance you want in your home or business is a big deal. Do you need analog or digital (a.k.a. IP) system? Which system is better?

  • Lower overall cost (generally)
  • Missing some advanced features (digital zoom, etc.)
  • Great compatibility for incorporating into existing security systems
  • Not good for covering broad distances; lower resolution
  • More camera types available
  • Interference issues can occur with wireless analog systems
  • Higher resolution cameras with more options/features
  • Higher cost due to higher tech
  • Wireless reception is encrypted and interference does not occur; remote access is possible
  • Higher bandwidth required to run IP cameras
  • Installation expert can utilize existing wiring in your home or office’s network wiring

Storage and Benefits

Analog systems send images or recorded video in a base band format via cabling to a DVR, where it typically gets digitized and put on hard drives for storage. Newer DVR systems with LAN/WAN setups give analog systems the option to access some systems remotely via the internet for live feeds as well. Analog systems are extremely beneficial for home surveillance installations due to their reasonable costs.

Digital systems send their video as a digital stream in an IP network straight to the network video recorder (NVR); usually this system is fault tolerant and protected by RAID technology. These systems benefit a variety of business owners (and homeowners who want a premium solution) with their great features.

Texas Security & Surveillance can design and install a camera package to fit the smallest to the largest commercial property. We offer a 3 year warranty on all of our systems so you never have to worry about getting a system installed and 90 days later paying for a service call.  Need help deciding which security camera system is right for your Austin, TX home or business? Contact us today to speak with one of our qualified TSS specialists to learn more! Our goal is to be the last security company you will ever want or need.

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