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Home Security Monitoring Austin TXYour home is your family’s sanctuary. Protect it today and every day with a top notch home security monitoring system. Headquartered in the Austin TX area as a family owned and operated business, Texas Security and Surveillance (TSS) is home to caring, experienced pros dedicated to your safety. Although TSS offers state of the art systems, their real value lies in the peace of mind and security you gain by becoming a part of their family of clients. Whether you’re home or on the road, TSS is always monitoring your property to ensure that everything is in order.

Intruder Alert

The number one reason families choose home security systems is to protect themselves from dangerous intruders. According to recent studies, homes without a protection system are nearly 3 times as likely to be targeted by burglars and other criminals. Thus simply having a security system is a deterrent to crime. Hopefully the system will never trigger, but if it does, local authorities are alerted immediately by TSS. Those precious minutes that allow them to respond more quickly have proven time and time again to be the difference between life and death.

Catching Fire

Today’s home security systems are multifaceted, offering users a wide array of protection. While protection from intruders remains at the top of the list, threats from fire and smoke are a close second. A home can go from a few flames to a massive inferno in minutes. While the old adage “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” rings true, it is often the black clouds of smoke that cause significant health risks to individuals inside the home. Time is of the essence in any emergency. Your home security monitoring system immediately alerts authorities to the danger. Since fires and smoke can spread so rapidly, this immediate response system can not only save your home and valuables, it can also save your life.

Peace at Last

The greatest value of a home security monitoring system lies in the peace of mind you receive knowing that your family and pets are protected from an array of dangerous scenarios. Surveillance of your entire property can be setup, if desired. It’s especially vital for the elderly or for families with parents who travel frequently or even sporadically. Rest easily knowing wherever you or your loved ones are, your home, family and possessions are watched over by a network of professionals.

Home Security Monitoring – Protect your invaluable possessions

Maybe it’s the birthday card your child made for you when they were still in diapers. Maybe it’s a beloved necklace your mother used to wear. Maybe it’s a photograph of your grandparent in the war. Or maybe it’s the furniture and home décor you spent years assembling. Your most valuable possession might not be worth a king’s ransom, but it is irreplaceable. A home security monitoring system from TSS keeps not only loved ones safe from harm, but also protects all your possessions, great and small.

Texans Serving Texans

Texas Security and Surveillance Inc. is your locally owned Austin alarm company. No need to scramble for the phone to call the authorities. Never try to find the 800 number to discuss your family’s personal safety with a faraway stranger. Texas Security and Surveillance is your go to for affordable, reliable home security monitoring service. Don’t wait. Call today!

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