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Home Automation Austin TXHomeowners interested in upgrading their homes with technology have likely come across the term “home automation” at least a few times. However, is not always clear what the scope of this broad term means for your home or business. At Texas Security & Surveillance, we can show you how home automation translates to more comfort and convenience when integrated with your security system.

Security System Integration

Imagine being able to immediately receive an alert on your smartphone when your security system senses a problem. Imagine turning on indoor or outdoor lights automatically after arming or disarming your system. This is all possible with home automation.

You can also use pre-set schedules programmed into your system or remotely control and monitor your security system with your smartphone. When you travel, program a scene to play out with lighting, opening and closing of shades, etc., to give the appearance of someone being home as an extra security step.

Energy Savings

Would you like to upgrade your lifestyle, while saving money on your utilities? This is one huge benefit you can have just by adding the automation technology into your security system. The technology can control lighting, shades, HVAC, appliances, all while protecting your home or business.

The energy efficiency part of this equation comes in with the ‘smart’ technology; for example, when you arm or disarm your security system, our thermostats can automatically adjust based on whether you are home or not. Precise temperature control gives optimal energy savings with minimal temperature shifts and maximum comfort.  And you can adjust your thermostat easily from your smartphone! Seemingly small adjustments like this can really add up and save you big $$$ in the end!

Who is that at your door?

Even if you are not interested in a full security system install, home automation products like the WiFi doorbell can be easily installed by our TSS experts and provide front door monitoring of your home. The WiFi doorbell activates when movement is detected near your front door and sends a live video feed to your smartphone when the doorbell is pushed. You can then see, hear and speak to your visitor from anywhere! Other features include:

  • HD Video
  • Motion Sensor
  • Live Monitoring
  • Two-way Audio
  • Color Night Vision
  • Video Recording


Aside from the energy efficiency, savings and safety aspects home automation can offer in a security system, convenience is another HUGE benefit. But if the word ‘automation’ seems troubling to you, think about what tech you currently use. Now imagine those things you already use (A/C, heat, TV, lights) and being able to control them with the touch of your fingertips from anywhere.

At TSS, we help to customize amazing solutions like these to fit your budget and needs. With home automation the possibilities of what you can do are endless.  Take control with the unique security system & automation solutions we offer and bring your home to life!

Interested in upgrading your lifestyle in your Austin, TX home or business with a state-of-the-art security system? Please contact us or give our trusted TSS specialists a call at (855) 693-4003 to learn more about our home automation & security system solutions. We look forward to speaking with you!

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