6 Common Signs You Have an Employee Theft Problem

If you have employees and run a business in Texas, chances are good that they’re stealing from you.

Statistics show that three out of four employees steal from the workplace and many steal repeatedly.

The simple reason for this happens is that most employee thieves don’t get caught!

Most business owners ignore the signs of employee theft. They

How to Select the Right Austin Home Security Company

Most homeowners are looking for some peace of mind when shopping for a home security system in Austin.

Unfortunately, the buying process can be filled with potential headaches.

Door-to-door sales people, telemarketers, automated calling systems and more have been used by home security companies in Austin and all of Texas.

Between all of the harassing sales calls and

10 Cyber Security Tips to Protect Your Small Business

Small businesses across Texas and around the globe have all benefited from the invention of the Internet.  Information can be accessed in the blink of an eye and that is just one of the millions of opportunities small businesses can take advantage of using this technology.

The down side is that there are also opportunities for

Tips for Home Fire Prevention and Carbon Monoxide Safety

When it comes to safety, nothing is more important to protect than your family.  Safely protecting family members, your home and the rest of your property should always be a top priority. Sadly, precautions to keep ourselves safe are often overlooked or simply forgotten which can create opportunities for danger.

There are some alarming realities about

How to Minimize Theft from Temporary Employees

Throughout Texas, small business owners fill short-term staffing gaps with temporary employees.  This is certainly common for businesses that see seasonal fluctuations in sales.

Many businesses suffer from employee theft. Hiring temporary workers poses a unique challenge when it comes to losses from internal theft.

The biggest thing a Texas business can do to prevent theft is

Austin, Texas Crime Rates and Statistics

When attempting to understand the crime rates and statistics in Austin neighborhoods and by zip codes, it’s best to look at a couple of sources.

See, different places report crime in different ways. And some aren’t revealing in telling you the source of their information, or their methods of classifying and reporting crime.

That’s why it’s best

Austin Home Break-in Protection | Garage Security Tips

Did you know that many burglars start their dirty work by breaking into your garage? In fact, lots of burglaries the Austin Police Department classifies has home break-ins occur without the burglar actually entering the home.

Think that automatic garage door opener can keep people from breaking into your garage? Think again. Watch this video to

False Alarms Cost Austin Businesses Big Bucks in Lost Productivity

False alarms in Austin are a big problem. The city spends big bucks on police department response to false alarms. Police resources are spent on false alarms, keeping officers from solving real crimes.

False fire alarms are also a problem. Again, big bucks are spent by the city responding to false fire alarms.

One overlooked aspect of

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