Common Home Automation System Features

There’s lots of talk about home automation systems these days and with good reason.

Between convenience, savings on energy costs, tablet and smartphone connectivity and lowering prices, these systems are an attractive option to Austin-area homeowners.

Home automation systems allow you to automate and/or control home, housework or household activity from either a control panel in your

25 Tips on How to Enhance the Security of Your Business

Here are 25 tips from the small business security experts at Texas Security & Surveillance to enhance the security of your small business.

Employ candidates with good character. Performing background checks, reference checks and checking public records is the best wat to determine good character.
Always treat your employees with respect and train them to do their

Buyer Beware of Door to Door Home Security Salespeople in Austin

Last summer Attorney General Ken Paxton cracked down on unscrupulous home security companies that had door-to-door salespeople selling their systems and breaking the laws.  They were caught violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Summertime is upon us again and during the next few months, door-to-door salespeople may become more frequent again in neighborhoods across Texas. 

Protect Your Home with Spring Clean Up and Yard Signs

If you’re like most of us in Austin and the rest of the Texas Triangle, you’re glad Spring is here. The weather is warming up, and summer is just around the corner.

With Spring comes Spring Cleaning! It’s that traditional time of year to freshen up your property both inside and out.  How many of you

The First Thing To Do When Moving Into A New Austin Home

If you’re moving into a new home in Austin, here’s the first thing you should do after closing:

Make sure you have a fully functioning home security system for the property in your name before moving in one single item or one single family member.

New homeowners are twice as likely than others to have a break-in

Home Security Alarm Monitoring Costs Comparison in Austin

Want to know how much home security system alarm monitoring costs in Austin and surrounding areas?

We’ve done the work for you and compiled the latest details we can find online about home alarm monitoring costs in Austin.

Before you look at the cost comparison chart however, please keep in mind that:

Home alarm monitoring costs in Austin

6 Common Signs You Have an Employee Theft Problem

If you have employees and run a business in Texas, chances are good that they’re stealing from you.

Statistics show that three out of four employees steal from the workplace and many steal repeatedly.

The simple reason for this happens is that most employee thieves don’t get caught!

Most business owners ignore the signs of employee theft. They

How to Select the Right Austin Home Security Company

Most homeowners are looking for some peace of mind when shopping for a home security system in Austin.

Unfortunately, the buying process can be filled with potential headaches.

Door-to-door sales people, telemarketers, automated calling systems and more have been used by home security companies in Austin and all of Texas.

Between all of the harassing sales calls and

10 Cyber Security Tips to Protect Your Small Business

Small businesses across Texas and around the globe have all benefited from the invention of the Internet.  Information can be accessed in the blink of an eye and that is just one of the millions of opportunities small businesses can take advantage of using this technology.

The down side is that there are also opportunities for

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