4 Myths About Home Security Systems

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It’s easy to get misguided when you continuously hear the same myths and misconceptions about home security systems in Austin Texas. The problem is that the majority of these misconceptions are false, and they could cause you to leave your home vulnerable to theft, vandalism or burglary. While the final decision is always up to the homeowner, we at Texas Security & Surveillance want our customers to have the facts so that they can make an informed choice.

Below are four myths about home security systems – and why you can ditch them at the door!

Myth #1. Determined burglars will find a way in – with or without an alarm.

Most burglars are smart and extremely calculated in the risks they take. They don’t want to be caught, so they choose their properties carefully. Ex-burglars admit that their two biggest goals are to steal your money and valuables and get out of your home as quickly as possible. The absence of a home security system puts this in their favor.

Myth #2. By the time authorities respond, it’s too late anyway.

It would be nice to have law enforcement jump out of the bushes if someone broke into your home, but we’re not quite that efficient yet. Nonetheless, home alarm systems not only startle burglars, but they also keep the rest of your home safe instead of being another target. In addition, the best way for fast response times is with an automated alarm call through a monitored system.

Myth #3. I live in a nice area and have homeowners insurance. I don’t need an alarm system.

This one gets us every time. While there are many nice places to live in Texas, no area is completely safe from burglaries. Thieves break into homes and businesses every day, and many criminals look like perfectly normal people that you would never suspect. Also, homeowners insurance won’t cover you from invaluable items that could be stolen such as credit cards, Social Security numbers and bank account information.

Myth #4. Home security systems are too complicated to use.

Today’s home security systems have many options, including built-in carbon monoxide alarms, smoke detectors and home automation features. We can understand how it might sound overwhelming. Rest assured that our systems are simple to learn and use.  They can even be connected to your smartphone for easy operation at your fingertips. Of course, if you need any help, we’re here for you!

Get the facts – not the fiction! Learn more about home security monitoring by calling TSS.


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