How Can Austin Alarm Companies Help with a Lost or Stolen Package

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It’s very exciting when you get the notification that your package arrived at your doorstep. But when you get home, it’s not there. Either it was lost by the carrier or stolen. Both are frustrating situations, and naturally, you want to get down to the bottom of it sooner than later. In this post, we’ll cover why it’s important to have video surveillance installed from a reputable Austin alarm company and what you can do to get your lost package returned to you.

Do You Have Surveillance Cameras Installed?

If you have security cameras installed on your property, you can use them to your benefit. Watch the video footage and see if your package was dropped off by the carrier. If you don’t see anyone in the video, it’s obvious that the package was not delivered, and you can proceed with notifying the carrier and filing a claim.

It’s possible that your package could have been stolen, however. If you spot someone walking away with your package, you can file a police report. Having security cameras installed is a quick and easy way to get to the bottom of what happened to your package.

Do You Recognize Who Stole the Package?

When watching back the video footage, you may find that you know who stole your package. Sometimes, neighbors will steal from others because they see the package sitting there and can make a quick grab. This is more common in close living quarters like apartments and condos, but it can still happen anywhere.

If you see that it was a neighbor, you can talk to them directly and hopefully have your package returned to you. You’ll have the proof, so your neighbor can’t deny their behavior. If you don’t recognize the person, file a police report. It’s also helpful to talk to the Postal Inspection Service because they handle the tracking of lost and missing packages.

Preventing Parcel Theft in Your Neighborhood

Sometimes, people don’t want to make a big deal out of a missing package, but if you don’t take the proper steps to contact your carrier and file a police report, you’re putting yourself and other neighbors at risk for parcel theft. This type of behavior increases over the holidays, and parcel thieves look for easy targets. Make sure that you have camera surveillance installed and the neighbors keep a watchful eye out for each other’s deliveries.

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