Late-Summer Traveling: Preventing Break-ins With Home Alarm Systems Austin TX

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Labor Day is just around the corner, which means that many people will be traveling for the extended weekend. Whether it’s one last summer getaway or a weekend at the lake, millions of Americans will be on the roads and away from their homes. Last year, over 35 million Americans traveled over the long weekend, which was the highest number since 2008. We can expect to see similar numbers this year.

If you’re planning on leaving your property, it’s important to be smart about making your home appear lived-in rather than empty. Burglars are always on the lookout for vulnerable properties, and long holiday weekends can put homes more at risk. Fortunately, you can give yourself some peace of mind and protect your Austin TX home with an alarm system.

Not all home security systems are created equal, however. Some people believe that any type of alarm system will do the trick, but this isn’t the case. If you’re going to make the investment, be sure that you choose wisely and are protected in the ways that you expect to be.

Below are a few features we recommend looking for in your home security system.

Remote Monitoring

With today’s streamlined technology, you no longer have to be disconnected from your home security system. You can use your smartphone to arm and disarm the system, check in on security camera feeds and adjust home automation features. When choosing a provider, inquire about whether or not you can use your smartphone to control what’s going on at home.

Home Automation

You may also want to consider a home security system that has home automation built in. Home automation allows you to control things around the home to save energy and lower your utility bills. It’s also a great way to fool intruders into thinking you’re home. You can use smart technology to turn lights on and off, open and close blinds and more. Burglars are much more likely to pass up your home when they think you’re inside watching TV.

It’s also nice to know that you can control the temperature in the home when you’re not there. What if the temperatures over Labor Day weekend start off cool but then get piping hot? It’s not a problem when you can adjust the thermostat and return to a nice, cool home.

Emergency Detectors

It’s not just burglars that you have to keep away from your home but also non-human crises such as fires or floods. Thankfully, many home security companies now offer emergency detectors that alert the call center and the police if there is an emergency on the property.

Preventing Home Break-Ins

The last thing you want to do is give yourself a false sense of security, so do make sure that your system works properly and includes the features that you expect it to before you head out for Labor Day travels. Also, follow the below tips.

  • Alert your alarm company that you’re leaving.
  • Be careful about what you post on social media, as you don’t want to tip off the wrong people.
  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • Secure all valuables in a locked safe or hidden drawer.
  • Leave your spare keys/garage door opener with a trusted neighbor, NOT under a doormat or a potted plant.
  • Remember to account for your mail and packages.

When your home is protected by Texas Security & Surveillance, you never have to worry about what’s going on. You can enjoy your travels and your time with the family while we take care of the rest! Call us today to learn more about our home alarm systems Austin TX.


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