Protect Yourself From a Poorly Wired Home Security System

Imagine that you’ve made the decision to install a home security system. You spent time researching various companies in your area. You narrowed down your search and obtained quotes from a select few. You asked the right questions and made your decision.

It feels good to know that you’re making an investment that will protect your home and family. What you may not realize is that your home security system is only as reliable as the installation itself. If it’s not done right, this means that your best efforts to protect your family will be wasted.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have fallen victim to poor installation and shoddy wiring. Rather than having their homes protected by a true home security company, they end up with false alarms and ineffective monitoring. Basically, everything they paid for and are paying for is giving them a false sense of security. Instead, they’re paying for an expensive sticker on their door.

Is Your Security System Properly Installed?

Could you have a poorly installed security system? It’s possible.

One of the most obvious ways to check for shoddy wiring is taking a look inside the security panel. If you see something like in the photo below, you definitely have a problem on your hands. The other security company hastily re-wired their security board causing quite a mess and possibly shorting parts of the security system.  Not only might you deal with false alarms that are set off by pets or the wind, but also your security system may not be reliable.


Also, just because you chose a large, well-known company doesn’t protect you from poor installation. Many times, even large companies send out untrained and unlicensed technicians to handle the installation of their security systems, and homeowners aren’t aware because they trust in the company name.

Tips for Preventing Poor Installation

If you haven’t had a security system installed as of yet, how can you prevent this same thing from happening from you? We discuss this in the section below.

The best step you can take is to choose a licensed security specialist that only sends out licensed technicians. While a licensed security specialist doesn’t always guarantee satisfaction, it does give you an extra layer of protection.

It’s also important to select a home security company that you feel good about. Look for companies that truly care about the safety and well-being of their customers and aren’t just out to set up service. Usually, these companies will have customer-friendly features such as:

  • Affordable, upfront pricing
  • Real people to offer technical support
  • Service within a reasonable timeframe
  • Regular monthly service checks
  • 24/7 monitoring

Why Trust Texas Security & Surveillance

At Texas Security & Surveillance, we offer reasonably priced home alarm systems that include regular service checks and 24-hour home security monitoring. It’s our policy to service systems within 24 hours of the call, and we also have live consultants standing by to offer technical support. Plus, when choosing us for your home security needs, your dollars stay local!

We have had a handful of customers call us in recent months regarding poor installation of their home security systems. We can’t believe what we see! Wires crossed and tangled – it’s a mess!


It appears as if the people installing some of these security systems are not properly trained and in a hurry to get the job done. Sadly, homeowners are often left unaware of the second-rate work (unless they take apart the panel), and are putting their trust into systems that are unreliable. With a rat’s nest of wires, the system is likely to short out and break the security system.

At Texas Security & Surveillance, we are Austin home security company that has trained, licensed technicians who would never provide customers with this type of work. We have high standards for the installation of our products, and our technicians truly value what they do.

Who would you rather trust for your home security system?

If you believe that your home security system had poor installation, give Texas Security & Surveillance a call. We’ll be happy to send someone out to take a look and provide you with the service you deserve for your home and family.



  1. Nash Rich says:

    It makes sense that a security system can only work as good as it’s set up. I think that’s why it’s important to find a reputable and reliable company. I thought it was a good tip get a company that’s licensed. I would have never thought to ask to see the actual license. I think this is all really important, because you are pretty much putting your safety in the hands of someone else, so they better be good.

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