Would You Know How to Handle a Break In?


Often times when we think about our homes being burglarized, we picture a situation where we’re not in the home. While burglars do prefer homes that are empty, crimes still occur with the homeowners inside.

Would you know what to do if your home was broken into in the middle of the night? It’s a terrifying situation that happens to thousands of people each year.

Here are some things to think about that will help protect you and your family in the event of a break in.

Avoid Confrontation

One of the best things you can do today is make a plan. Each home is unique, so take the time to identify which exit routes you and your family would take and how you would call for help.

Once an intruder is in your home, it’s best to stay away from them. You don’t know who you’re dealing with, so avoid confrontation at all costs. Either hide or escape, depending on what’s best for your home and the circumstances at large.

Assign a Code Word

If you don’t live alone, this means you have other people in your household who will need to be warned of an intruder.

It’s best to come up with a code word that you agree on in advance. This way, when you yell out the word, everyone knows what issue you’re dealing with. You should also have an escape route or safe room planned in advance.

Designate a Safe Room

Getting out of the home is usually ideal. You can then run to a trusted neighbor’s home or another place of safety. If you can’t get out of the home, a safe room or closet is the next safest option.

The door on your safe room should be thick and able to lock from the inside. It should also be easy to barricade. Consider installing a deadbolt on your bedroom door as well as the safe room door.

Finally, your safety room should be stocked with the essentials, including a phone charger and things you can use as weapons.

Call for Help

Obviously, alerting the police is one of the first things you should do. Let them know where you live, where you are hiding and how many intruders you think there are. Let them listen in on the phone call. Turn off all lights and keep quiet while hiding. Wait there until help arrives.


Talking about a potential break in isn’t the most fun conversation to have as a family, but it’s important to know how you would handle an intruder. Of course, the best way to protect your home is by installing a home security system.

Not only does a security system deter burglars but it also alerts local authorities immediately so that you can focus on getting to a safe place. To learn more about having a home security system installed, call Texas Security & Surveillance today!


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