Pros and Cons of Surveillance for Businesses


Here at Texas Security & Surveillance, we know how much your business means to you. Many business owners consider installing video surveillance on their property to keep a closer watch on their premises. Between employees, customers and the general public, it’s normal to want to enhance your security to keep your investment safe.

For business owners who have installed security cameras on their premises, most have found the investment to be worthwhile. It’s offered them invaluable peace of mind, especially when they can’t be there. Thanks to advanced technology, business owners are even able to pull up their property on their smartphone or tablet and check in on things.

Video surveillance isn’t a black-and-white decision for every business owner, however. There are pros and cons that you will want to consider before deciding what’s best for you.

Pros of Video Surveillance

  • Prevention of theft. A main benefit of having a security system is preventing theft and burglary from happening on your property. If your premises are secure, employees, customers and criminals will be less likely to target you. Robbers think twice when they see cameras.
  • Legal record of time. If something does occur on your property, you will have the actions recorded on camera. Cases of theft, vandalism or sexual harassment will all be caught on tape and able to be used in the legal system.
  • Convenience and peace of mind. You can’t be there 24-hours a day to watch over your business, but a security system can. It’s a convenient way to check in on your business whether you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night or away on vacation!

Cons of Video Surveillance

  • Video surveillance is typically expensive. You have to pay for the equipment, the installation and the service. There are also updates and repairs that will need to be made from time to time. The more features you want (i.e., mobile solutions), the more it will cost.
  • Privacy issues. There is the potential for privacy issues with video surveillance that you will want to look into. For instance, employees may be offended with cameras in the breakroom or backroom. It’s best to hold a meeting in advance to let your employees know of the cameras, where they will be installed and why.
  • Difficult to use. There may be a learning curve when it comes to using your surveillance cameras for the first few times. You can have the security system installation company explain everything to you, but it’s important to know how to work the cameras on your own so that you can actually use them.

Only you can make the right decision for your business when it comes to video surveillance. Many business owners find that the cost is well worth the safety, security and peace of mind that is offered to them.



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