25 Tips on How to Enhance the Security of Your Business

Here are 25 tips from the small business security experts at Texas Security & Surveillance to enhance the security of your small business.

  1. Employ candidates with good character. Performing background checks, reference checks and checking public records is the best wat to determine good character.
  2. Always treat your employees with respect and train them to do their job well.  These are the people that will be representing your company, protecting your assets and taking care of your customers.
  3. Install keyless entry systems at your business. Keyed locks are much easier to pick and controlling key inventory can be a nuisance.
  4. Illuminate the inside and outside of your business well.  Strategically placed lighting will keep your business bright and easy to see.
  5. Proper checks and balances for your cash and accounting mechanisms will help you keep everyone honest.
  6. Investigate your vendors.  You might be surprised to learn how often unattended vendors steal when left unattended in storerooms and stockrooms.
  7. Log the times that your business opens and closes electronically.  Tracking the times shows that your business opens on time and that there are no after-hour horseplay or misbehavior.  We can help you with this… contact us for details.
  8. Security camera surveillance systems certainly improve the security of your business. Contact us for details.
  9. Your security systems should be obvious to customers, employees and vendors alike.  Having a visible security system makes it much less likely thieves will steal from your business.
  10. Use the power of your smartphone to your advantage.  There are security camera apps that allow you to remotely access the camera surveillance system inside your business, so you can see in real-time what’s going on at your business at anytime from anywhere.
  11. Invest in high-grade security equipment. It makes sense to purchase something that costs 10% more for quality equipment.  False alarms and faulty equipment can really cost you more!
  12. Get professionals to monitor your alarms.  U.L. certified monitoring centers can provide the best monitoring for fire and security.  Local monitoring services are the best option.  It’s nice to know the alarm dispatcher knows your city and is possibly familiar with your business in Austin.
  13. Install access control procedures.  Violent workplace incidents are becoming more and more commonplace these days.  It might make sense for you to control access to vulnerable areas of your business.
  14. Beware of online criminals.  Your business may rely on the internet for transactions and customer interaction.  Make sure you have strong security measures to protect your business from hackers.
  15. Protect your passcodes. Make it very difficult for hackers and other cybercriminals to gain access to your credentials to online accounts and information.
  16. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.  It is a great idea to make acquaintance with other business owners in your area.  You can informally start a “neighborhood watch” for each other’s businesses.
  17. Use your security surveillance footage as a tool to train employees on good and bad customer service and productiveness.  Not only can it improve employee behavior, it also let’s them know you are reviewing the daily footage.
  18. Prosecute criminals to the full extent of the law.  Set examples that show theft and other illegal activity will not be tolerated.
  19. Install fire suppression and detection systems. Fire can be detrimental to a business.  Even if you are properly insured, which most businesses aren’t, the loss of business due to down-time while rebuilding may be too much for a business to survive even with business interruption insurance.
  20. Never hire a security company that uses sub-contractors or who may sell your account to another security company.  Insist on the contrary because some security companies will install security equipment, sell your account to a third party and leave you high and dry when you need help or service.
  21. Demand performance guarantees from your security vendors and equipment.  All businesses should stand by their products and services.  Security companies are no exception and need to be held accountable to the same high standard.
  22. Make sure your contact information and hours of operation are up to date with your alarm monitoring service should they need to contact you in an emergency.
  23. Add alarm panic buttons to your security systems.  They can be silent or sound the alarm. In the event of workplace violence or robbery, these emergency buttons can make the difference. Contact us for more information.
  24. Make testing and inspecting your security system a regular routine.  Doing so ensures your security system works as intended. In the event of a fire or security issue, there really are no second chances.
  25. Make the security of your business a top priority.  You have worked hard to build it, now put a plan together to protect it and you see strong results.


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