5 Lies About Austin Home Security Companies

With hundreds of home security alarm companies in Austin and throughout Texas, it can be hard to tell one company from the other.

It can also be hard to identify the reputable companies from those that are a little shaky.

We’ve been protecting homeowners in Austin since 1993, and we’ve heard our fair share of tall tales told by others. Here are five of the most common lies we’ve heard about home security companies in Austin:

# 1 – All Austin Home Security Companies Can Be Trusted.

It would be great if that statement were true. In today’s society however virtually every institution and industry have been rocked by scandal. The security industry is no exception.

Many of the security companies with offices in Austin aren’t headquartered here. Most funnel dollars from this community into corporate coffers located on the East Coast or foreign locations.

Check out any company before you talk to them. Search their business name on Google. Go to review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and others. Check with the Better Business Bureau and state licensing agencies.

Always know who you are dealing with before inviting them into your home. 

# 2 – All Companies Perform The Same Way.

Some people view all Austin home security companies as performing exactly the same way, with the only difference being the price of the security system. Believing this lie jeopardizes the safety of you and your family.

Different companies have different operating philosophies and business models. Hiring and training practices can vary between companies. Companies use differing qualities of security equipment. Companies have different standards of performance and expectation levels.

All security systems do not perform in the same way. All companies are different. The protection of your home and family is important. Take time to find what’s right for you.

# 3 – All Companies Protect Homes The Same Way.

That’s like saying all people make barbeque the same way. Your lifestyle and home are unique and effective Austin home security companies recognize this uniqueness. They custom design home security systems that protect you and that fit within your lifestyle and your budget.

Avoid the “one size/one package” fits all approach to home security. Every home is different, and every alarm system owner has a different situation.

Home security companies will have different approaches to protecting your home. Make sure you understand what is being recommended, why it is being recommended and how it helps you achieve your objectives.

# 4 – All Austin Security Companies Sell The Same Equipment.

You’ll often here this lie told as something like, “All home security equipment is basically the same.”

That simply is not true. There is low-end security equipment and there is high-end. Some equipment comes with longer warranties and better guarantees than others. Some companies use hard wired alarm systems while others use wireless.

It’s important you understand the equipment that is being used to protect you. Know its reliability, warranty and reputation in the marketplace.

# 5 – All Austin Home Alarm Monitoring Companies Do The Same Thing.

We’ve seen this lie result in more heartache for homeowners than you could shake a stick at.

That’s like saying all football teams are the same and use the same equipment.  You know that’s not true – that they are not all the same – their won/loss record alone shows the separation.

There are big differences in what home alarm monitoring companies offer. Some can only monitor alarms using specific monitoring technologies. Some can’t monitor video signals. Some have higher levels of security and some have redundancy in equipment they use.

Not only are there differences in equipment and service offerings, there are also differences in execution. Some companies pay their employees a little more, and are thus able to attract a higher performer. Some train more, they staff at different levels and they ask their alarm center personnel to do different things.

Look beyond the price of the monitoring to see the value of what you are getting. The most critical component of any home security system is who responds and when. Make sure you know what you are getting.


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