7 Simple Steps for Selecting the Right Home Security System in Austin

So, you are looking for a new security system for your home in Austin. You want the right protection, features and services at a good price. But you’re not sure really what to look for, and how to determine one company from another.

Here are seven simple steps you can take to select the correct home security system in Austin:

  1. Determine what you are trying to accomplish, what you need to protect, and what makes you feel good. Different home security companies in Austin use different ways to protect homes. Different homes have unique requirements. Its best to know your needs and know your budget before you begin the search.
  2. Ask for referrals from family, friends and co-workers. Getting a recommendation from someone you know makes selecting the right alarm system much easier.  Find out exactly what system they are using, who installed it and who monitors it.  Feedback from their experience can save you from making the wrong choice.
  3. Only use Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified equipment. And make sure you are fully aware of the equipment’s capabilities and limitations. The only way to know that the components of your home security alarm system meet strict performance standards is to use certified equipment.  Make sure you have your alarm company representative clearly explain the decision making process behind any security approach or device they recommend for your home.
  4. Research alarm companies on the Internet. Consumer reviews online can really provide valuable insight into the overall performance of a company. These review sites can sometimes provide feedback on particular pieces of equipment that other customers have purchased as well.  It is a good idea to look at the reviews as a whole rather than placing too much value on any one single review. View them all to develop a consensus. Even the best of the best can have a bad review.
  5. Investigate and assess each security company that you are considering. See if there is information about the company with the Austin Better Business Bureau.  You want to fully understand who you are dealing with before committing to their products, services and fees.
  6. Require an evaluation of your home along with a sales presentation from any alarm company you are considering. Never buy an alarm system until you know it is going to meet the level of protection you are expecting.  You should have a clear understanding of what will and will not be protected as well as how everything will be monitored and how much your protection coverage will cost.  Go over any contract thoroughly so you won’t run into any surprises down the road should you want to move or cancel your service.  There are often many terms and conditions associated with hiring a particular security company that you need to be made aware.
  7. Don’t be pressured. There are a lot of high-pressure sales tactics that can be quite effective.   Try to avoid companies that try to pressure you into using their products and services.   “Today only” offers, scary crime statistics and “special deals that are just for you” are just some of the many tactics that pushy salespeople use to try and get you to sign up.  Be patient and know all the facts before you sign a contract.  After all, if the company, their products and services don’t sell themselves then you might want to look for one that does.

Taking your time to find the right home security company in Austin will give you piece of mind knowing you gave your best effort in finding the right protection for your home and family.  Apply these tips to help you reach the best decision.


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