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Did you know that many burglars start their dirty work by breaking into your garage? In fact, lots of burglaries the Austin Police Department classifies has home break-ins occur without the burglar actually entering the home.

Think that automatic garage door opener can keep people from breaking into your garage? Think again. Watch this video to see how easy it is to break into a garage.

The stuff inside a garage – power tools, lawnmowers, cars and more – is attractive to a burglar.

And for many homes, gaining access to the garage gives thieves even easier access into the home itself.

The garage is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home.

Here are some of our favorite protection tips for garages in Austin and surrounding areas:

1. Use the right garage door remote control.

Don’t leave the remote control it in your car. If a thief breaks into your car, they can use the registration and proof of insurance to find your address, Then, they can use the remote control to enter your garage. Get a keychain remote opener. You can leave it with your keys and carry it with you

2. Install a security system for the garage.

This one may be a little obvious but most homeowners and even security system designers miss it.

Install security devices in the garage and connect them into the rest of your home security system for complete protection. If anyone tries to enter the garage when the alarm is set, it will activate and notify the alarm monitoring center, so the police can be dispatched.

Your garage door can be programmed (if you so choose) to delay alarm activation so you have time to turn off the system when entering the garage.

You can also control the alarm system, and the garage, right from your smartphone. It’s quick, easy and effective. Contact us for details.

3. Cover garage windows.

Don’t let a burglar look through a window to see what you have. Put drapes, shades, or blinds on garage windows. If you need to have light come through the window into the garage, apply a translucent or opaque film to the glass. This lets light in, but prevents others from seeing inside.

4. Secure the door from the garage into your home.

For an attached garage, secure the door from the garage into your home. Make sure the door is made of sturdy material. Tie that door into your home security system. Use great locks and consider those locks with programmable entry codes.

5. Use your smartphone.

I am always half way down the road when I wonder, “Did I close the garage door?” Now, instead of turning around or chancing it by driving on, I just look on my smartphone. My home security and automation app lets me control what’s happening at my home, including opening and closing the garage door. No more worry, no more doubt. Call me and I’ll show you how to do this at your home.

6. Install a wide-angle peephole.

Put a wide-angle peephole lens on the doors that lead to your garage. Do this for your personal safety. If you hear a strange noise in the garage, investigate through the peephole rather than opening the door to potential danger.


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