How to Hire A Great Home Builder in Austin

When building a new home, it is crucial to take your time, and do you research to find a great home builder.

By finding a great home builder you can ensure your new home…

  • Is built to the latest residential building codes
  • Is built to meet the need of you and your family
  • Will be a solid investment that will hold its value in the years to come.

Unfortunately, people fall victim to unqualified home builders who cut corners and perform shoddy work.  This leaves the home owner to come out of pocket to make repairs on a job that was supposed to be done right.

To avoid these headaches, follow these tips to find a great home builder in Austin:

  1. Investigate the Home Builder’s Reputation – Any quality builder is going to have references on prior builds. Talk to other homeowners that have used their services and see how their house is holding up and if they encountered any issues during the build.
  2. Expect Them to Be Experienced – Certainly an experienced home builder has completed projects similar to your build plans. Ask them for addresses or pictures of prior homes they built.
  3. Have a Good Rapport with the Home Builder – Building a new home can be stressful, takes time and requires trust between the home owner and builder. You should enjoy working together.
  4. Ask About Warranties – Most reputable home builders will offer some sort of warranty. Be sure to ask for the details of the warranty.  You will want to see what it all covers and have them provide a written warranty within your contract.
  5. Proof of License and Insurance. Make sure you review the home builder’s license and insurance. Look to see how long they have had both.
  6. Get Multiple Bids – Never go with the first bid you get. It’s commonplace to get multiple bids on a new home build.  Compare the costs, materials and time frames of all bidders and use your best judgement to decide.


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