Austin, Texas Crime Rates and Statistics

When attempting to understand the crime rates and statistics in Austin neighborhoods and by zip codes, it’s best to look at a couple of sources.

See, different places report crime in different ways. And some aren’t revealing in telling you the source of their information, or their methods of classifying and reporting crime.

That’s why it’s best to look at a variety of sources to develop a consensus around an area or zip code.

Here are sources to check:

Neighborhood Scout provides a nice visual look at crime rates by area, with a nice color-coded system showing you the safest areas. They provide an index of safest Austin neighborhoods, and show how the crime rate in Austin compares to other cities.

Austin Texas Police Department provides detailed information about how they classify crimes. You can get crime information via census track or zip code.

Area Vibes shows lots of information about crime in Austin. They provide a list of safest area neighborhoods, crime rates by district and much more, all in a visually appealing presentation. has a nice chart showing crime rate trends in Austin by year. It also shows crime totals for cities near Austin.

SpotCrime allows you to receive updated information on crimes as they are reported, and gives you the ability to receive alerts of any crime activity within a five-mile radius of a location you enter.


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