Common Home Automation System Features

There’s lots of talk about home automation systems these days and with good reason.

Between convenience, savings on energy costs, tablet and smartphone connectivity and lowering prices, these systems are an attractive option to Austin-area homeowners.

Home automation systems allow you to automate and/or control home, housework or household activity from either a control panel in your home, or any web enabled device, like your smartphone or tablet.

So what can you control with a home automation system? Here are some of the most popular items: 

  • Thermostats – Operate your home heating and cooling from virtually anywhere. Adjust temperatures from your car on your way home from work.
  • Control door locks – activate door locks at set times or from a web enabled device and check on door lock activity.
  • Security Alarm System – Remotely arm and disarm your system and trigger actions and notifications based upon your needs.
  • Control Appliances –Water pumps, hot tubs, dishwashers and much more.
  • Lighting – Control light intensity and control which lights are on or off.
  • Irrigation system – Program your system to never exceed municipal maximum allowable water use allowance or to operate under just about any condition you can think of. Animals eating your plants? Configure the system to activate when movement is detected on your lawn.
  • Blu-Ray Players, Stereos, TVs and Digital Cable Boxes – Select the inputs and outputs for centralized and remote control.
  • Garage Door – Access your home automation from your smartphone to open and close your garage door.
  • Phones – Direct you phone to only answer for certain numbers.

Home automation systems are a practical, affordable option for most Austin homeowners.

If you live in the Austin or San Antonio areas,  and are interested in home automation system, call us at 855-693-4003.


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