How to Get a Smarter, Safer, More Secure Home

Did you know your home security system from Texas Security & Surveillance and can do helpful things around the house when you are leaving home or on your way back?

It’s called “Geo Services” and it’s an opt-in feature.

Here’s how it works – using your smartphone’s location on a digital map, the system from Texas Security & Surveillance understands where you are and what direction you are heading.

With a few simple rules you set up in your account dashboard, life becomes easier:

1. Leave the garage door open? Forget to lock the front door? No worries.

I do this all the time. I’m halfway down the road to work and wonder if I shut the garage door. Or did my teenage daughter lock the front door when she left to see a friend? No need to worry with Geo Services. It knows I’ve left home and the garage door is open. I get an alert, and I can tell the system to close the door or leave it open. Pretty cool! Here’s a video about how it works:

2. Save on heating and cooling costs.

Put a lid on skyrocketing energy costs with automatically controlled temperature settings. Geo Services recognizes when you are not home (and when the house is empty) and will adjust household temperatures to energy setting savings.

3. Home the way you like it.

Geo Services senses when you are returning home, so everything is the comfortable way you want it when you get there. Temperature, lighting and more. Watch this short video to learn more about how it all works.

4. Pause home security cameras when they aren’t needed.

Sometimes, especially when you are home, you don’t want your home security cameras recording activity. With Geo Services, you can automatically pause any, or all, of your cameras’ recording schedules when you are home. It’s nice and convenient!

5. Set up multiple geo services.

It takes longer to cool down your house than it does to turn the lights on. That’s why the system from Texas Security & Surveillance allows for multiple range settings. As an example, your “coming home rules” might call for the temperature to be lowered 10 miles from home, while the lights are simply turned on one mile away. Multiple geo services settings (called gel fencing) are easy to set up and adjust until they are just perfect for you!

Want to use Geo Services from and Texas Security & Surveillance? It’s included with most of our smart home security packages and we can easily upgrade your present system.

Get more information by calling (512) 693-4003.


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