Are Home Security Systems in Austin Worth the Money?

I get asked all the time if home alarm systems in Austin are worth the money. To give a good answer, I first ask a few questions to learn what they want out of a system.

Studies prove that alarm systems prevent crime.

But what happens if a criminal ignores or simply misses the warning signs of an alarm system protected home?

Let me put something out on the table right now: the Austin Police Department, and most other Texas police departments, don’t really respond to “traditional” burglar alarms. That’s because a huge majority of the alarms are false and unnecessarily tie up officer’s time.

Police departments will however respond to a verified alarm.

An alarm is considered “verified’ when there is visual and/or audio confirmation of an event.

Contemporary home security systems in Austin include a combination of intrusion sensors, audible warning devices and home video surveillance. These systems are used with a mobile app to send you an alert and live video about what’s happening at your house. You can even install two-way voice capability, allowing you (and the alarm monitoring center if you so choose) to communicate with those inside your home.

Systems of this type are verified systems. They allow for verification of an event at your home prior to initiating a response. Because they are more accurate and reliable, they are taken more seriously by responders.

Yes, home security systems are worth the money. Be clear about your expectations and invest in the type of system and response most appropriate to your situation.


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