Where to Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

Installing home security cameras in strategic places is just as important as the choice to get a system in the first place.  We at Texas Security & Surveillance take our time planning the best installation points for home security cameras on each home install we perform.

Common installation points for cameras are at the both the front and back doors as well as covering first floor windows. 

According to the Bureau of Justice, burglars will often use these access points to unlawfully enter your residence.    By placing cameras outside of your home facing downward, security cameras can adequately monitor these vulnerable access points.  These cameras are typically facing downward to capture just a few feet from these access points providing a clear view of any criminal activity.

Almost all outdoor security cameras are equipped with night vision as well and are of course weather proof.  There are types of security cameras that can be placed indoors, looking outward, that can keep an eye on these entry points from inside as well as watching the yard through the windows.

Allow your cameras to use their full range of view.

Whether your cameras are being used indoors our outdoors, it is best to select a camera with a proper field of view for the area being monitored.  It is this range that will help determine the placement of a camera.  It the camera has a narrow field of view, like 45 to 90 degrees, it will be best suited to watch a single-entry point like a window or door.

Cameras with a wide-angle field of view (150-180 degrees is not uncommon) you can view an entire room or most of the yard in the front or back of the house.  Only issue with ultra-wide-angle security cameras is they can distort the details in the video much like a fisheye lens does.  The distortion may interfere with the ability to see details clearly like a license plate or even someone’s facial details.

Install cameras to watch over your valuables.

It is advisable to have an indoor camera keep an eye on your valuables.  Maybe you have a safe or a secret hiding spot.  In the unfortunate event of a burglary, you will be able to refer to the video to see what was taken.

Install cameras as high as possible so they are out of reach.

Installing a camera high enough so a potential criminal cannot tamper with it is very important.  It will do you no good if a crook can easily remove or cover your camera.  If you place it high enough, it may not even be apparent that a camera is there.  As long as its field of view is good, place them as high as you can.


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