Irving Police Officer Shares Crime Prevention Tips for Homeowners

In honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Month, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) interviewed Irving, Texas police officer Brian Crum. Crum coordinates citizen crime prevention programs for the City of Irving, and he shared his crime prevention tips to make homes and communities safe.

Crum believes the keys to safer communities are neighborhood organization and communication. He strongly encourages active neighborhood watch groups.

“Neighborhoods should strive to have a good, strong reputation against crime,” Crum was quoted as saying. “They should let it be known that if a crime is committed in their neighborhood, someone will see it and the criminal will be caught.”

Crum also believes homeowners should take strong efforts to secure their home. He said that burglars lurk around neighborhoods and scout out homes before during their dirty work. They may knock on the door in hopes someone can answer, looking and listening for signs of an alarm system or hearing the chimes that sound when doors are open.

“Criminals are very sharp when it comes to selecting a home,” Crum said to ESA. “They can tell the difference between a real alarm sign in the front yard and a decoy. They can also take a look at a window and know if it has alarm contacts or glass-break sensors. “

If you’d like to read more of the ESA’s interview with Officer Crum, find it at And if you need an effective security system for your home in Texas, call us at (512) 693-4003.


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