Protect Your Home with Spring Clean Up and Yard Signs

If you’re like most of us in Austin and the rest of the Texas Triangle, you’re glad Spring is here. The weather is warming up, and summer is just around the corner.

With Spring comes Spring Cleaning! It’s that traditional time of year to freshen up your property both inside and out.  How many of you realize that making things sparkle and look their best actually helps protect your home?

There are many things you can do to the exterior of your home and property to make your home more burglar proof.  Spring time offers great weather to get out there and spruce up your home so here are a few tasks to put on your spring cleaning checklist.

Here is what we recommend:

  • Trim any shrubs or trees that block any windows or doors. Be sure you can see all points of entry clearly from the street.
  • Check all the lighting around your home to make sure your doorways, walkways are adequately lit. Replace any burned out bulbs and consider adding evening lights to illuminate any areas where a criminal could lurk.
  • Test the locks on all doors and windows. This includes the garage and any sheds or locked storage on your property.

When spring cleaning the inside of your home take note of your personal inventory.  Write a list of valuable items you own or better yet, take video of the items and itemize them that way.  This way, if there is a burglary or other theft incident, you can easily show the police the missing items and supply proof of ownership to your insurance company.

This list will also be very helpful in the event of a fire where many, if not all, of your possessions could be destroyed.  Be sure to make note of all serial numbers on items if they have one.

One last thing to protect your home is to have a home security system installed.  The Austin police department issued some burglary prevention tips for city residents and in it they disclosed that residents of Austin neighborhoods suffer more than $1.3 million per year in loss from burglaries.

The police continue to say that burglars are looking for easy targets, so don’t be one.  They suggest the use of a home alarm system that you test monthly.  In addition, place a yard security sign in your front yard.  We feel it is a great idea to visually let criminals know that you have an alarm system before they ever approach your home.  It may not deter all criminals, but it will deter some.

Contact us if you need a new security yard sign for your front yard or let us know if we can provide you with a new home security system to protect your property.

Spring is officially here in Texas.  Get outside, get some sun and enjoy the weather.  Enjoy it knowing you have made the effort to protect your home.

Spring is a great time of the year. Enjoy the season and make your home safe!


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