Realtor Safety Tips for Austin Realtors

As a realtor in Austin, personal safety is of prime importance.

Showing a vacant home to an unknown person can be risky for area real estate agents. Kidnappings and murders have happened to real estate agents showing homes. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Fortunately, there are a variety of apps and wearable technology (smart jewelry) to help protect you.

This free app offers a variety of safety features. Share your exact location with selected people with a simple push of a button. Set up a mobile network of family and friends and send them live video and audio. Trigger an audible alarm if needed. Allow your network to follow you via a GPS trace – just like you can follow an Uber driver on the way to pick you up. And get one for your teenager’s phone so you can track their whereabouts and routes at all times. They’ll love you for it!

Secure Show
One of the first rules for realtor safety is to know your client. Secure Show offers you the ability to verify a person’s identity prior to a meeting. Whoever you want to verify is sent a verification link. A quick and simple process is then executed where the person’s photo is matched against their identification and the person is checked against various databases. You get confirmation plus a picture of the person you are to meet in advance of your meeting.

Watch Over Me
Sometimes you can’t push a button to trigger an alert. That’s why we really like this app. Instead of requiring you a button to activate an alert, the app activates when you simply shake your phone, even if the cell is locked. Activation sends an alert with your location, video and audio your emergency notification list.

Wearsafe is a tag you put on a keychain or wear on a belt loop. It’s waterproof and looks like a garage door remote. Simply tap the device to send an alert to your network. It also sends a vibration to you every time someone views your alert.

Occly Blinc
This wearable is an armband with four wearable miniature cameras, a microphone and LED lights. It has several alarm modes and can transmit video and audio to the cloud. It also activates sirens and an LED strobe to bring quick help.

Instantly alert up to five contacts plus 9-1-1 and share your GPS location while wearing fashionable jewelry and accessories.

Nimb is a smart ring with a panic button that can send an emergency alert via an app to your network of friends. Nimb also offers a 24/7 alert response center to supplement your network of friends.

This isn’t an app but rather a free text message service. It doesn’t take up space on your phone. When you are meeting a stranger, let Kitestring know. They’ll check up on you with a text message at a time (s) you establish. Reply to the message to check in. Miss a check-in and your emergency contacts receive an alert.

This pendant pairs with your phone to share your exact location with your network. It will also activate an extremely loud (like a freight train whistle) alarm. It’s waterproof with a three-month battery life. Wear it as a pendant or clip to most any item of clothing.

NAR Safety Materials
The National Association of Realtors has a lot of safety information for real estate agents. You’ll find safety tips, products, safety videos, articles and much more.


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