Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a home security system really deter a break-in?

Yes, statistics show that criminals look for the easiest target. If you have a monitored system with yard signs and window decals, it is highly likely a would be intruder will move on.

What happens when my security system does go off?

When your system goes into alarm mode, it will sound the siren. We will then call you to verify with a verbal password. If we get no answer or an incorrect password, we dispatch police. After that we call the emergency contact numbers you provide us to try to get word to you. When the police arrive they will walk the house looking for a point of entry. If they find one, they will enter the home and inspect. If not, they will tag the door as a false alarm.

Do I need to get a permit for my alarm system?

Yes, most municipality’s require them. They usually cost $20-$25 per year.

Is my alarm monitored just for police?

No, we also dispatch for Fire and EMS. The keypad has panic buttons for all three plus a hostage code.

What should I know about false alarms?

If police are dispatched to your home via your alarm and find no sign of an intrusion, they will deem it a false alarm. If this happens 5 times in a year, you may receive a fine.

How does hiring a local company help me?

Not only are we more available and accessible to you as a Texas company, but by buying local your dollars stay in your community and come back to stimulate your local economy. TSS is based in Texas and we buy our equipment, do billing and monitor only in Texas.


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