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4 Things to Know Before Buying a Video Camera Doorbell System

Doorbell camera systems are becoming the latest craze in home security.  They can capture some interesting events taking place right out your front door.

For example, here is a recent video of a mailman from Port Neches, Texas dancing a little jig outside a woman’s home before delivering her mail.  Or check out this video on

10 Security Tips for Texas College Students

Colleges right here in Texas and across the country will soon be back in session.  Students will be returning for another year as a new class of Freshman begin their college life. These students are our sons and daughters and we want nothing more than to ensure their safety while they are away at school.


Fire Safety Tips for Office Workers

With more than 100,000 fires happening in non-residential structures each year, office fires are a real threat for those working in them.

Check out this video of a staged office fire to see how quickly it can get out of control.

In less than 10 minutes, this office fire is burning out of control and would have

How to Hire A Great Home Builder in Austin

When building a new home, it is crucial to take your time, and do you research to find a great home builder.

By finding a great home builder you can ensure your new home…

Is built to the latest residential building codes
Is built to meet the need of you and your family
Will be a solid investment that

How to Stop Shoplifting

It can be hard to comprehend this number, but a whopping $25 million of merchandise is shoplifted every day according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP).  That equates to more than $13 billion each year!

This out-of-control epidemic can be kept to a minimum or even completely stopped if you implement these tips.

Invest in

Why Your Home Should Have Structured Wiring

Ever-increasing technology is requiring that home electronics, security, entertainment, automation and the internet of things work well together, all through one network, so to speak. That means your home will require structured wiring.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term structured wiring, it describes a wiring network for your home automation, security signals, video, data, telephone, television,

Austin Police Department Alarm Response Procedures

As the owner of a security systems alarm company here in Austin, I’m often asked if the Austin Police Department responds to alarms.

After all, if someone is breaking into your home or business, you want them stopped and apprehended right away.

If an alarm system doesn’t help do that, then what good is it? If the

Realtor Safety Tips for Austin Realtors

As a realtor in Austin, personal safety is of prime importance.

Showing a vacant home to an unknown person can be risky for area real estate agents. Kidnappings and murders have happened to real estate agents showing homes. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Fortunately, there are a variety of apps and wearable technology (smart

Common Home Automation System Features

There’s lots of talk about home automation systems these days and with good reason.

Between convenience, savings on energy costs, tablet and smartphone connectivity and lowering prices, these systems are an attractive option to Austin-area homeowners.

Home automation systems allow you to automate and/or control home, housework or household activity from either a control panel in your

25 Tips on How to Enhance the Security of Your Business

Here are 25 tips from the small business security experts at Texas Security & Surveillance to enhance the security of your small business.

Employ candidates with good character. Performing background checks, reference checks and checking public records is the best wat to determine good character.
Always treat your employees with respect and train them to do their

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