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13 Security Tips for Places of Worship (Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, etc.)

The recent tragedy at a synagogue in Pittsburgh has caused many Austin area churches, synagogues and other places of worship to consider the security and safety of their congregants, campus and facilities.

Many churches are calling us and asking for security assessments – which we provide free.

Historically, churches have been “safe places” that welcomed all. As

How to Get a Smarter, Safer, More Secure Home

Did you know your home security system from Texas Security & Surveillance and can do helpful things around the house when you are leaving home or on your way back?

It’s called “Geo Services” and it’s an opt-in feature.

Here’s how it works – using your smartphone’s location on a digital map, the system from

Is A Burglar Targeting Your Home or Neighborhood?

Some home burglars in Austin and surrounding areas are very sophisticated. They do their homework and scout homes and neighborhoods looking for the perfect neighborhoods.

Is a burglar targeting your home or neighborhood? Here are some things to be aware of:

Witness Someone Photographing Your Home

It is far too easy for criminals to canvas your home using

How Often Should I Test My Home Security System?

At Texas Security and Surveillance, we encourage our customers to regularly test their home security system.

In fact, we think testing is so important that we’re one of the few Austin-area alarm companies to provide a free weekly system communication test to all our monitored alarm customers.

Our free weekly test checks the communication path between your

Where to Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

Installing home security cameras in strategic places is just as important as the choice to get a system in the first place.  We at Texas Security & Surveillance take our time planning the best installation points for home security cameras on each home install we perform.

Common installation points for cameras are at the both the

Irving Police Officer Shares Crime Prevention Tips for Homeowners

In honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Month, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) interviewed Irving, Texas police officer Brian Crum. Crum coordinates citizen crime prevention programs for the City of Irving, and he shared his crime prevention tips to make homes and communities safe.

Crum believes the keys to safer communities are neighborhood organization and communication. He

Halloween Safety Tips for Austin Homeowners

Halloween is quickly approaching and on this favorite frightening holiday, young trick-or-treaters will fill neighborhood streets while Halloween partygoers take to the town.

Whether you are roaming your neighborhood for candy, out on the town in Austin with friends or hosting a Halloween bash at home, there are some real safety concerns this holiday.

The fun usually

Federal Government Offers Huge Tax Incentives to Invest in Business Security Systems

The U.S. Government is providing huge tax incentives to businesses to invest in security and life safety systems.

The government now allows businesses to write off the full cost of such systems as an expense for the tax year they were placed in service.

This eliminates the prior capitalize and depreciation schedules (five, seven, 15 or 39

Bluetooth Hacking | How to Protect Yourself

Most people use Bluetooth technology. You use Bluetooth technology with your smartphone, digital assistants, portable speakers, tablets, home security and automation equipment. This list of devices using Bluetooth technology is virtually endless.

It’s estimated that there will be nearly 10 billion Bluetooth enabled devices in use by the end of 2018!

Hackers recognize Bluetooth technology as a

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