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5 Lies About Austin Home Security Companies

With hundreds of home security alarm companies in Austin and throughout Texas, it can be hard to tell one company from the other.

It can also be hard to identify the reputable companies from those that are a little shaky.

We’ve been protecting homeowners in Austin since 1993, and we’ve heard our fair share of tall tales

How to Secure Your Personal Identity

Considering the recent hacks against Equifax, we wanted to help ease the minds of our readers and provide some advice on how you can protect your personal identity both online and off.

Before we get into the ways to protect yourself, here are some sobering statistics.  There was a recent study on identity fraud released earlier

Why Camera Surveillance Systems Make Sense for Your Small Business

Making a small business successful takes a lot of hard work.  It only makes sense that you should protect your hard work and investment from security risks like theft, vandalism and other damages.

Camera surveillance systems help to prevent loss to your business. Here’s how:

# 1 – Security cameras prevent crime.  One of the primary benefits

Top Rated Home Security Alarm Companies in Austin

I’m often leery when I see lists of top rated home alarm security companies in Austin. After managing security companies for over twenty years, I know how easy it is to have these lists manipulated.

Many of these “top rated lists” are pay-to-play lists. That means those companies who are on the list are those that


Determine the type of monitoring system you need.This mostly depends upon the people and the area you need to protect.

Determine the number of cameras needed. This can be done by surveying and figuring out which place needs it most.


The places should be safe enough that they can’t be easily tempered with.

Stable Surface Er Coverage

HOME SECURITY Facts And Stats You Need To Know

A home intrusion is committed in the U.S. every 13 seconds.

2.5 MILLION+ home intrusions are committed each year.

1 OUT OF 3 Residential assaults are a result of a burglary.

85% Of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous.

95% Of burglars use excessive amounts of force to break-in and significantly damage your property too.

93% Access homes

Installing Surveillance Cameras at Home? Get Professional Help!

When there’s a plumbing problem or an issue with our, we always call professional service to take a look. This is because we trust their expertise. Most of us wouldn’t take the matter into our hands, in case there are any mishaps.

So when you’re investing in surveillance cameras for your home, why should things be any

How to Buy a CCTV Camera

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, protecting your property from harm is top priority. Taking the right measurements includes installing an alarm system and surveillance cameras.

While it’s understandable to want to protect your premises from an invasion, many individuals struggle with choosing a security camera. This is because of the plethora of options available.

Why Security Systems are a Good Fit for Rental Properties

If you own a rental property, a home security system is an investment that is worth considering. Not only can it make your property more attractive and help you secure a trustworthy renter, but also it can protect your property from theft, vandalism or burglary. If you do choose to install a security system, it’s

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