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Should I Install a Security System for My Apartment?

When you hear about burglaries, single-family homes are usually the first to come to mind. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments are actually 85 percent more likely to be burglarized compared to single-family homes. This statistic is a friendly reminder that people living in apartments should also consider home security systems to keep

Pros and Cons of Surveillance for Businesses

Here at Texas Security & Surveillance, we know how much your business means to you. Many business owners consider installing video surveillance on their property to keep a closer watch on their premises. Between employees, customers and the general public, it’s normal to want to enhance your security to keep your investment safe.

For business owners

What Happens if You Suspect an Employee is Stealing?

We know how important your business is to you. It’s an investment, an asset and something that you’ve worked hard for. The employees you hire should have your best interests at heart – and most do. But it’s possible to have employees that aren’t always honest, and you need to be prepared to deal with

How to Keep Your Business Safe Through the Seasons

Your business is one of your biggest assets, so anything you do to keep it safe is keeping your future safe as well. Thanks to advances in security technology, business owners have more options than ever before for keeping their businesses safe from vandalism, theft and burglary. Unfortunately, these advancements haven’t stopped criminals from acting

Sorry. Guard Dogs Don’t Take the Place of a Home Security System

The benefits of having a dog are well documented. Dogs make wonderful companions, can help us when we’re feeling sick or down and encourage us to lead a more active lifestyle. They can even offer some protection.

However, dogs should not replace a monitored security system from a reputable home security company. If you’re relying

4 Myths About Home Security Systems

It’s easy to get misguided when you continuously hear the same myths and misconceptions about home security systems in Austin Texas. The problem is that the majority of these misconceptions are false, and they could cause you to leave your home vulnerable to theft, vandalism or burglary. While the final decision is always up to

5 Simple Security Tips for Your Lake Home

Do you own a lake home? If so, you know all too well how often your house sits vacant. Whether you’re waiting for your next getaway, or you only visit your lake home in the summer, your investment probably spends a lot of time without anyone in it. This can be unsettling since burglars look

10 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

When you think of a burglar, what comes to mind? Probably someone who isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. After all, why would they choose to steal from others and risk their freedom?

While there are certainly many thieves that are impulsive, many are actually quite calculated and intentional in what they do. They

Burglaries Cost More than Just Stuff

When we consider theft and burglary, we typically think of how we would feel to lose our valuables. As difficult as it would be to lose Great Grandma’s wedding ring, you might not realize that burglaries can cost you more than just “stuff.” People who have had intruders in their homes admit that they’ve lost

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